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Allow optimisation of exported PDFS

I would like to see a better implementation of Figma’s export to PDF feature. I know PDF is an Adobe format, but there is something about the way Figma exports pdfs that blows out file sizes excessively.

Designers commonly mock up print files such as resumes and brand guides in Figma, but sometimes people may want to export these files out to pdf to send to people by email. If you have many assets or images, the pdf Figma exports is excessively large.

For example, I exported a two page style guide the other day and it came out to 24MB!!! Even if I downsized the images, the images which were in a clip mask was saved out as a raster image, which is not ideal because PDF should ideally contain vectors. And even then it came out to 5mb.

I had to redesign the entire thing in InDesign where I could then save it out as an interactive PDF. The whole thing came out to 500kb…

PDF is an important file format (right now) and designers need it for a lot of use cases. But I do think the export to pdf feature could be drastically improved on Figma. I know it could be a monumental task given that the format is Adobe and Figma is primarily for digital design. But the PDF format is important too, and what is the point of having an export to pdf feature if the end result is completely unoptimised and unusable?

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Same issue - basically produced a 50mb pdf.
Analysing the pdf two key areas that need addressing

  • image optimisation - ideally be able to select dpi - 150/225 etc.
  • fonts - these are not embedded, all text is converted to vectors that obviously ends up being significantly larger than it should be - by a factor of at least 10x.

If those key issues were solved believe the size of the pdfs would be very similar to pdfs produced through adobe software such as indesign etc.

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