Preventing Resizing to Decimal Pixels… 5 Years Later.....🔥🔥

I re-used the title of an old post and simply changed the 4 to 5 years. No one replied to @Joe_Pendlebury’s question, so I am raising it again. I’m confused as to why Figma still hasn’t addressed this issue.

I laid out my padding on numerous complex screens only to find later that all of the shapes suddenly changed to decimal pixels (I have no idea how or when it happened). Now, I have to painstakingly check each shape all over again - adding hours of extra work and putting an extremely tight deadline in real jeopardy.

Two questions:

  1. @Figma_Support - Will this issue ever be prioritized and addressed? If not, why?
  2. Has anyone found a workaround for this issue? a) My preferences were already set to ‘Snap to Pixel Grid’ so that doesn’t help. b) Selecting ‘Round to Pixel’ only removes fractions from the coordinates, not the shape itself.

Any help here would be most appreciated.
Many Thanks. :pray:


PS - I’m afraid to adjust my padding all over, simply to have them randomly go back to decimal pixels again.