Is it possible to log into Figma with QRCode?


Remembering passwords is often problematic. You may forget your password or lose access to your email. If you lose your password and email access, there is no way to recover your account. An interesting way would be to login by QRCode. You don’t need to remember a password and you wouldn’t need an email. Login is usually device access. A good example of this QRCode login would be Whatsapp Web.

  1. This is not a miraculous way to solve things, there may be security holes in QRCode. However, it is one more way to make life easier for people who forget passwords like me. Currently in Figma it is possible to login this way: 1. Sign in with Google | 2. Login with saml soo | 3. Login with email and password.
  2. I’m not questioning or criticizing Figma’s login method, just an idea for a new login method. Another thing, I didn’t find any questions or ideas about logging in with QRCode in Figma. And one more thing, all the login ways that Figma has so far are good and interesting. As I said, it’s just an idea of ​​a new way to login.
  3. I believe that if there are different ways to log in - maybe in part it’s a safe measure. There’s no way to imagine which login method someone choose to log into Figma. But, this assumption can be right or wrong, but it’s something I thought of here to objectively argue for the adoption of QRCode as a login method in Figma.
  4. I’m just a design that does ui/ux, my report here would be from user experience to improve Figma and not from expert in digital security.


img 1

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These images are illustrative


In short, my arguments are these:

  • A new login method can be somewhat more secure, there is no way to know which method the person chose to login. This argument can be wrong or mistaken, I can’t assume that this is 100% accepted as fact, but in theory it might be interesting to think about it to “make users safer”.
  • Many people forget password or may lose access to email, login methods with gmail, email and password method or saml soo method depend on email and not physical device.
  • It is more common for people to take their cell phone with them everywhere, so having access to the device with QRCode is something easy to access. In addition, there is the Figma app that can be used to confirm the person’s access to Figma on the web. It is something that Whatsapp already implements. It might be interesting to add a time that the person will be logged in maybe 30 minutes or so. That would be a partly safer measure.

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