Create connector lines directly in Figma

Meanwhile, there is a free plugin for that

Tips : Gather all connectors in a locked frame “:purple_circle: Connector links”

I wanted this to be great but it requires a “source” connector to be present in your Figma doc already and essentially copies/pastes it. The only advantage it has is automatically connecting two shapes you may have selected but the downside is the number of clicks for this is 3 clicks at minimum, copy/pasting your own on the page is just as fast and more straightforward. It’s good that people are looking to solve this problem, but I’ll be very happy if the Figma team itself sees fit to include the functionality, as it’s obvious that the underlying structure needed for it is already in place.

When creating charts in Figma you want the connector behavior and…

  1. Need individual control over color and shape of end decorations.
  2. Need control over the line.
  3. Need to set whether the decorations and line scale or just the line length scales.

Hello 2023! Can we please have this feature now-ish? :slight_smile:

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I’d love this + the ability to include connectors in components — this would significantly significantly accelerate my workflow for creating data visualization mockups!

Agreed!!! We totally need this!

Another vote for this. Would be super useful