Comments | Hiding the Figma UI (`⌘`+`\`) and showing it again shouldn't also control comments` visibility

During my design workflow, especially if on a single monitor, it’s quite common for me to hide and show the Figma UI in order to maximise screen space (with the shortcut +\).

Since the new comments feature rollout, hiding and and showing the UI also controls if the comments are shown or not.

I find this very annoying as it is a non-intentional consequence of a decoupled objective I am trying to achieve. That is, comments have nothing to do with this part of the workflow as they are not part of the Figma UI, but rather part of the collaboration workflow.

In other words, the new logic is:

  • If comments are hidden and the Figma UI is visible, +\causes both to disappear;
  • When +\ is used again, both comments and Figma UI appear;

The preferable decoupled logic would be:

  • If comments are hidden and the Figma UI is visible, +\causes just the Figma UI to disappear;
  • When +\ is used again, just Figma UI appears;

Eager to understand which workflows are benefiting from the update. For me this just means having to press shift+c at least an extra 25 times a day.


This is also extremely problematic for me as well.

Why are you forcing users to look at comments just because they want to see the UI? There is already a paradigm of the app remembering whether the left panel was hidden or shown when revealing all UI… why would comments work differently?

This is very frustrating and slows me down considerably.

Pressing shift C all day is such a pain.

Are you trying to get me to move all comments to a different system, because that appears to be the only fix for now.


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