Bulk add post-it notes function

Being able to bulk add post-it notes manually and via things like excel spreadsheets for user research


Feature request - It would be awesome if we were able to take a list from a CSV or XLS, and paste it into Figjam and have it automatically populate into separate post-it notes to facilitate easy card sort activities and group brainstorming sessions.


Yes! I do it this way in Miro and this is the main reason Im not switching to Figjam for now. I don’t want to write every cell manually :joy:

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Concur! This is a super valuable feature. They have it in MURAL and Miro. It is the one thing holding me up on recommending Figma for my enterprise. Would love to be able to copy-paste text rows in/out as stickies. Or at least import/export from CSV/text file. (But copy-paste preferred)

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I’d love to have that one!

This would be great!! I really need it.

PLEASE!! Need this for affinity mapping for user research (interview notes into excel cells > jamboard > affinity maps > user insights)


Yup, need it for this exact reason

Released September 7, 2021.