Allow for multiple interactions on one click

Hello. I have a need – in creating an anchor navigation bar – to have a one-click interaction that would perform both a “change to” and a “scroll to” actions.

I envision this being set up so that either you have:

Click [change to] Active State [button state] AND [scroll to] [anchor frame selected]


Click [change to] Active State [button state] AND After Delay [scroll to] [anchor frame selected]

I hope this makes sense. I look forward to any questions or feedback. Cheers.

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Yeah, it’s already been suggested many times.

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Hello. I’m new to Figma and UI/UX Design and also bumped into a brick wall in my first practice project. I need multiple actions to kick in after a single click event but this seems impossible at present. Please if there’s a workaround, I’d really appreciate it thanks

I ran into this within about 15 minutes as well—this is a must have. In general it’s surprising that an event can’t simply change the state/variant of an arbitrary number of other objects.

The terrible workaround I’ve found is to group together the objects that need to be changed and cram the combined changes into variants, but this gets unwieldy very quickly.

Overhauling this would multiply the power of Figma many times over!

I also ran into this issue while trying to make a todo list app with checkboxes and unselect all selected option. I couldn’t get the functionality of the unselect button. Additionally, I wanted the check boxes to impact two new states which I could only do when I duplicated the whole list and made changes to the states I wanted impacted. However, it was not practical to make all of the possible combinations of selected items.