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Allow Anyone with Link to Edit

Looks like the share menu is a carryover from Figma (still says prototype). You should allow anyone with the link to be able to edit.

Hey Joe,

You should be able to update these permission in the share menu so that anyone with the link can edit:image

Does this not work for you?

This does work now for logged-in users. I was seeing the normal Figma share menu with the option “can view prototypes only”. If anyone has the issue, restart your Figma app.

Might want to consider non-logged users too - for example, asking a CEO to create a basically one-time account for Figma during a design sprint isn’t ideal.

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Nevermind it’s still broken. If the file is in a Team project, it reverts to the Figma share menu.

Hey Joe,

Looks like this is a bug so our team is going to investigate further.

Any update on this? This seems to be a primary use case that is preventing Teams from organizing files appropriately since everything has to be in Drafts or you have to do one-off editors.

Figma Please Consider -

I 100% agree that Figjam should have an option that allows anyone with the link to be a Figjam contributor.

I know Figjam is free now, when it becomes a paid subscription I think it will be crucial to have the ability to add people to Figjams that are not listed as Figma editors or even view only account holders. To Joe’s point, it is not ideal to ask a CEO to create an account for a one-time or occasional use.

With design thinking, brainstorming, retrospect-type meetings participation is key. I really don’t want the cost of a subscription or even having to create an account to be the thing that stops teams outside of design to participate. The same would be true for customers that we want to invite to sessions. This is something that Mural does really well. For participants that don’t have a Mural account, they are added as participating users using the anonymous user option where each person is assigned an animal rather than using their name. This option allows a last-minute participant to join a session with just a link, No account needed.

This is not an ask for Figma to give away their software for free, rather it is a consideration of how and to whom you charge. I much rather have a higher facilitator cost and remove the friction for outside participants. And on a similar note, this was one of the primary factors to switching to Figma from Sketch and Invision. It was always a battle to get engineering to give up a portion of their budget to pay to view and comment on design files, especially when there is a 7-1 developer to designer ratio.

Summary points

  1. Frictionless inclusion is a key factor to get participation from individuals outside of the design team.

  2. Ideally, the cost for Figjam should be associated with facilitators rather than participants.


This can be merged with this thread:

Seems like a major bug but with the lack of resolution so far it’s feeling more like a conscious decision. Hopefully, it being one of the most voted and viewed topic gets it addressed sooner than later.