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Could not vote there, therefore I create a new thread here.

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Same, I work in a big product company and archive developed designs into another file. I want to preserve comments

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It’d be great if we could move comments across different files, just like we can move them across pages (by attaching a comment to a frame and clicking “Move to…”).

We archive our design explorations in separate files via cutting and pasting. But that doesn’t transfer the comments, so we lose important discussions related to specific designs.


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Loving the updates to comments! So much so, I’m using them WAY more than I ever have, but…

Commenters have accidentally added comments on the wrong page or file, or we’ve wanted to move items to different pages and keep the comments with the design elements they’re linked or in reference to.

It would be great if we could move or copy/cut and paste comments to other pages and files, maybe even consider treating comments as if they are design items/elements.

A similar idea I saw in another thread discussing the ability to pin comments to design elements, where the issue is to move the comments individually after moving the design element.

In this case, there is no equivalent workaround available and a new comment must be created, the content copied to the new comment, and the previous comment deleted or “resolved”.

I’d love for this to be considered in the comments updates!!

In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know of a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


When a comment is dropped on a page, it seems impossible to move it to another page. Yet that can be useful. I know comments can now be pinned to frames, and I suppose in that case the comment will follow if the frame is moved, however we can’t expect all our reviewers to remember to pin their comment to a frame. As the design evolves, we often need to move things around, including to new pages, and it’s troublesome if existing comments get stuck at irrelevant places.


It seems that even if the comment is pinned and moves with the frame in the page, doesn’t follow if the frame is cut and pasted, and therefore would not follow if pasted on another page. That’s a pity, it would have been quite useful to keep our review pages clear of the solved issues


This is something I’d love to see. When a design system is evolving, the need to refactor the structure and hierarchy of your Files is critical.

The comments feature is so helpful that it would be a shame to lose all of that contextual information about design decisions.

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I would like to see this too! When we finish a design we want to put the the old frames that are no longer part of the final design in another page for record keeping, but loosing all the comments would not be good. We prefer to move the old stuff to a new page (instead of the new final frames to a new frame) so that we don’t have to update the link wherever we have shared it previously.

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