Feature request: Locking Main File

Love the fact that I can branch on a file. Only wish I could lock the main “prod” file (esp to a library) so that all editors must use branches – ultimately keeping autosaves of other team members from effecting other lower branches.


This is so important. Even the design leads often forget that they are on the main file instead of a branch and end up making huge changes to the entire file without realizing.

+100 For this!

I really need this

Hope this feature will be implemented. Having a lot of trouble managing library files because this feature is missing…

Also I’d suggest, in case of trying to merge a branch into main,
admins/file owners should be able to set default reviewers and at least one reviewer which can’t be removed.

Would help a lot to manage component versions, updates, etc. In general, ensuring a good quality of our libraries.

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really need this too!!!

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This is significantly more important than displaying video in prototypes

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