Create connector lines directly in Figma

Figma appears to have the same foundation as FigJam and you can copy/paste connectors created in FigJam into a Figma document, and after doing so you can reattach those connectors to existing components/frames you created in Figma, move them about and the connectors will adjust exactly as expected. You can even adjust the properties of the connector including line width, colour etc.

The essential support for this is there, so why not extend Figma to actually allow us to create the connectors directly within Figma instead of using the copy/paste hack?

This would be useful for a lot of cases, and as a UX designer this would be extremely useful for connecting my wireframes (but not for prototyping) and it would also be very helpful when creating my IA diagrams in the same document.

For a demo of connectors from FigJam working in Figma please see the video attached to my tweet here:


Yes +1! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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We’ve been using the copy/paste hack for a while now, but a option to create these connectors from Figma directly would be welcome!

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