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Multiple Prototypes per Page

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Currently Figma only allows one prototype per page.

This means that when creating a mobile and desktop design on the same page you will have to keep switching between prototypes. It is further complicated by only being able to define one device size for prototyping per page.

Another problem this creates is: Designs on the same page might represent multiple flows. I cannot share prototypes to these multiple flows at once while keeping the designs on the same page.
While I could break everything out into different pages, sometimes you want to keep things together to ensure consistency for the designs or being able to do the same changes quickly for multiple flows / frames.

I would like to define multiple “starting frames” and “device sizes” per starting frame.


I want to be able to start a prototype from whatever frame I currently have selected.


+1. As a workaround, try starting your prototypes with a frame that has tiles for “Desktop” or “Mobile” and branch from there. I set Device to “None” in Prototype settings. Might not work in all cases, but this lets me have desktop and mobile designs for the same feature on the same page. @Arvid

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Absolutely the same opinion. Especially in the exchange with developers. I find it very tedious to have to change the starting point every time so that the developer can use the prototype.


Since any changes in the prototype are live. It’s difficult to change.
if I took a copy and work, the dev is referring to the wrong link. So please, give access to Single pages, Multiple prototypes.