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Interactive components won't reset after the first round

I discovered this when creating an actual prototype with a flow between components and frames.

When using interactive components combined with a way to go back to a previous frame (such as a back button, delete button or edit button) the interactive component will skip its variants, as if the interaction was already done, and won’t restart the variant’s interactions.

How to replicate this:

  1. Use the interactive components to create a loader (loop using AfterDelay to connect the variants)
  2. Create 2 pages
  3. In the first page place a button that navigates to another page
  4. In the second page place the loader and a button to go back to the first page
  5. Click the first button
  6. Wait till the loader completes the animation
  7. Click the back button
  8. Click the first button again

Expected result
When clicking the back button I expect that the loader has restarted the animation and will load again if pressing the first button

Actual result
The first time it will work perfectly, but when going back a second time the prototype will skip the whole animation, as if it was already executed.

I’ve prepared a simple file so you can analyse this:


I’m having a similar issue with a fly-out menu. When I open the menu and interact with it it works fine. However, when I close the menu and reopen it, it reverts to it’s last state and not the first state it’s linked to.

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Yes! She same thing happened to me when trying to create a dropdown menu!

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@Emiliano_Cicero Has this still been an issue for you?

Having the same issue.

Interactive Components needs to recognize a component’s default state. Otherwise, when you’re using a click to change interaction, that change will persist through the entire prototype until you reload the prototype.

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