Font changes appearance when clicked

Hi guys, how are you?
I believe be having the same problem as this topic, so I’m complementing for you.
My teammate showed this, I think, to be a Figma bug. Because I tested the same project here on my computer and everything is normal. Was it really a bug?
Or maybe using the styleguide?

As you can see the font changes weight when you click to edit, but no need the change.

Can you help me, please?

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Hi Gleb, thanks for your feedback! My colleague’s problem still persists but we are observing, because there are times that work and times that don’t. I appreciate your feedback and tip!

Hi @Gleb, how are you?

I’m having the same problem with a file. I tried to reinstall the font but it didn’t work.

The file had been created by me and so far there was no problem. But recently we are working as a team and I think this may have caused some conflict in the file.

The fonts we install are the same.

I don’t know what could be wrong, I would suggest contacting Figma support (“?” in the right bottom corner in the app).

I’m having the same issue. Text changes to ‘black’ weight when double-clicked across multiple controls. Clearly a bug. Anyone get any follow up on this?

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I received an email from the support staff informing, as a solution, to install the same fonts for everyone who uses the project. But around here too, it still has this bug. I don’t know are following the problem. :cry: :pleading_face:

We have exactly the same problem and I am personally going crazy.
Why doesn’t Figma fix it ?!


I am also experiencing this issue. Looks like there is still no fix then?

Also having this issue!

I have the same problem unfortunately…

I’m having this issue too