Ability to expand right workspace panel

  1. As a user, I can drag and expand my Layers and Assets work-panel. I’d like to have that functionality on the right work-panel (Design, Prototype, Inspect panel). Some of our design tokens are a bit long and are truncated due to character count limits.


I want to be able to drag the right panel to resize it like I can with the left panel so I can view the full names of my color styles.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?



We have color and type libraries set up to align with our development environment meaning we can just have “red” or “body” as a description. It needs to be longer.

However, The right bar containing all our properties has become almost unusable in some circumstances due to it’s hugely constrained width. We can often just see a category title, and not the actual label of the color or type.

With the left layers panel being resizable, it would make sense to provide this same flexibility for designers to better utilise our working space.

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I’d like to add that the problem is even bigger for developers inspecting designs. For us, the variant names are directly pointing to React property keys. Therefor it is crucial that developers can read the full property name. Right now they’re being truncated after 6-7 characters, which is way too short.



The Properties panel and menus for selecting styles are very narrow. This makes it difficult to identify and select styles that are deeply nested in a tree structure or have long names because the text is truncated (Note that the distinguishing suffixes are often at the end of the names and get cut off).

Note: we often end up with long names for color styles when we match them with names of variables that devs use in their CSS.

I have at times used the Chrome dev tools to adjust the CSS for the width of this panel. This help a little but is cumbersome to do every time and results in a janky UI.

Please improve the Figma UI so that we can see the full names of styles and components in the Properties panel and menus.

Does any one else struggle with the names of styles and components being truncated in the Properties panel and menus?
Do you wish the menus can dynamically adjust their width to fit the whole names of the list items, or at least use word wrapping?
Do you wish you could resize the width of the Properties panel like you can with the Layers panel?


Yes, thank you!

I made a hack for this (I won’t promote it here) which adjusts the internal CSS of the property panel. Some things are a bit quirky but overall its a HUGE improvement to be able to see variant properties, text and color styles in their entirety. This makes hand-off so much smoother as others have mentioned.

It would be great to hear an official response from Figma on this, and ideally some roadmap commitment (new features are great, but a rock solid foundation, like accessible properties, is absolutely critical).


Could we please get the ability for the RHS panel to be resized, in order to read component names.


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I’ve set up a some font styling (based on tailwind presets) and am wondering is it possible to enlarge the dialog window where I can select them? currently I am having to scroll alot. I’m using a 5K screen, so there is plenty of space for a larger window…

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Due to the structure of style hierarchies and labeling practices, it’s rare when an entire style name will be completely visible in this right panel.

And identifying information is usually at the end of the style’s title.

Designers tend to use larger monitors, so screen real estate would generally be ample enough to allow for more text to be shown. (But not always, so expanding the right panel should be possible, but optional.)

Developers don’t need to see as much of the canvas, so being able to expand the right (Inspect) panel makes their job easier, too. They’d be able to see the code more fully without having to copy and paste it somewhere else (just to know it’s the right code they’re after).


You can do this with a userscript, but it only works on web. :confused:

Using the new property features for a component is nice, but the names of the properties get truncated so it is not very usable. Please give us the ability to resize it, and also do any improvements to the way component properties are displayed.

It creates unnecessary mental strain to understand what is occurring on properties.


Agree with this request; our team is running into the same problem. Our component and style names are too long to view without being cut off.

As others have mentioned here, it is primarily a problem when our developers are using Inspect to find style names, and being able to expand the right hand panel would help alleviate this.

This would help with flow labels. We name them often by a relevant user story and its impossible to read it. Expanding RHS panel would help.


+1 / The panel and also the dialog size is way too small. Changing the size would be a key improvement for building and using design systems.

Having the same issue: Truncation in the right panels in Figma

The specific issue that brought me here is that the values of my variant properties are cut off when displayed in a dropdown.
Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 9.58.47 AM

As a developer I would like to be able to make the right sidebar bigger so that I can read the styles of a view without having to hover over it and wait. A lot of time is wasted,

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The only way I found both in web or the electron app it’s opening the console F12 or option+ command+i, inspect the sidebar and increase the width values manually…

I too have this need

The right hand panel needs ability to resize in order to view full names of text styles, color styles, effect styles, inspect code and flows.

It’s concerning that this request was made in 2021 with many comments and it still has not been addressed by 2023.