Support "Scroll to" within a main component + instances 2022

Please upvote! I am looking to reopen this previously closed request because I encountered this same issue recently. Scroll to point in component

This specific behavior feels like a bug because it allows you to create a component with scroll to triggers that worked before you make it a component – but then don’t work after you create it. It deliberately breaks all the links even though all the scrolling is encapsulated within the component itself.

I would rather have Figma tell me that a component cannot be created vs. creating it and not having the interactions work.

More importantly, fixing this would radically simplify some use cases where you have to make tons of variants to handle multi-state interactions. Simple scroll-to support would eliminate the need for so many variants (e.g. a large single-select radio button group).

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This is particularly important for navigation. For instance, to create navigation to anchored links within a page, setting up scroll on a component is important so that you can use the same navigation across all of your screens.

See also the description of this problem here:

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