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Styles not importing

The importing of styles from shared libraries is broken.

I’ve tried with multiple Figma files and with multiple libraries. When I enable a library, the components import just fine, but none of the styles are imported.

Can someone else confirm they’re having the same issue?

What do you mean by “import” in this case? Enabling the library in the file simply shows its components in the Assets panel and Styles in the style picker. If you are not seeing styles in the style picker, maybe the styles are not published?

Yes, to be more precise, I mean “enabling” the library. The library is enabled but the styles aren’t showing up.

The styles are published. That’s what’s confusing me. The styles are published. I’ve 355 styles as part of the shared library. None of them are showing up.

I’ve tried this with multiple shared libraries, and multiple files (just to check that it’s not a problem with that particular file or library), and it’s a recurring bug.

In this case you probably need to report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form. Include the screenshot above and the Style Picker screenshot where the styles aren’t shown.

Will do. But just to check, am I the only one experiencing this? In your Figma, if you enable the library, do library styles become available in the sidebar? This used to work for me a while back.

What do you mean by sidebar? They are available here, in the style picker:

Oh snap! That’s what I was confused about. When you don’t have any objects selected, you see all your local styles in the sidebar like so:

But you don’t see any library styles in the sidebar.

What I didn’t realise is that you still have access to the library styles. But you can’t see an overview of them in the sidebar. Instead the library styles are only accessible when you have an object selected.

So it’s not a bug. Just a bit weird if you ask me, that you can’t see an overview of those styles in the sidebar the way you have with local styles.

Got it! The local styles are shown there so you can manage and change them and see other objects change. This is like the source of styles. You can’t change external styles so there is no point in showing them there.

I understand why one can’t change the library styles there, but I disagree that they shouldn’t be shown. There’s value to being able to have a look through all the styles, and local and library styles could be shown there, grouped accordingly.

You can view library styles in the Libraries window. If you have a feature suggestion, I encourage you to create a topic in #product-ideas and describe your idea there.