Scroll to in Component doesn't work

Hello Figma Community,
i am really new to figma. i am trying out my first prototype but stuck on my second day.

I build a sidebar component, where i can scroll the content and click some tabs to scroll down to the sidebar sections.
If i start the preview from the component it works as expected.
If i put the component to a page, where i will need it to use it more than once, i can scroll it, but the link interactions from the tabs don’t work anymore. (even the mousehand disappears)

Where is my fault? What did i forgot to check?
I would be happy if theres some help here.
Thanks a lot!!

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Took a video for better understanding

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Yeah I have the same problem here :confused:
I think it’s a bug when it comes to nested components…

If not, I’m really missing something

Yeah, I have the same problem :smiling_face_with_tear: @Figma_Support helppppp us

You can only scroll to top level objects.
When you try the sidebar on it’s own it works because the sidebar is the top level frame. As soon as you put it inside another frame, like when you put it inside the desktop frame, the sidebar is no longer the top level frame and scrolling stops working.