"On Scroll" trigger in Figma prototypes

I feel there should be a trigger in figma called, “On scroll”, where some action should happen while scrolling. This will be helpful in situations like:

  1. The action bar in an mobile app goes up and hides when we start scrolling down and it re-appears when scrolling up.

  2. To use parallax effects, currently we have to use click instead of scroll and that looks unnatural.

  3. It will come handy in making website transitions, eg- elements appear as we scroll down the content.

There can be many more features but if you guys release the feature, it will be groundbreaking. Figma would become a very strong prototyping tool.

This request was posted earlier on the forum. Please vote for this idea here: "On Scroll" trigger for the prototype.

I agree and posted about it earlier this month: