Interactive components won't reset after the first round

+1, please provide a fix for this. Very annoying for heavily animated prototypes.


+1 Having the same problem creating a drop down menu.

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This is an extremely important and necessary feature that will open up great opportunities for using interactive components!

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I think the ideal fix would be something that allowed us to chose how the components behave with would be best, with a “Reset on exit” or similar option available in the Interaction details panel that would give us the best of both words.

With “Reset on exit” on, the component resets to its default state.

With it off, the component stays how it was left by the interaction.


+1 this is important feature and makes a lot of sense its really a share we cant reload each component

+1. This would enable powerful looping animations containing nested looped components based on ‘after delay’ triggers


I hope there will be an option for resetting animation within interactive components in the near future. But since the lack of reaction from the @Figma_Team I fear the worst. #justdoitalready :wink:

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Still waiting on this update. Anyone know if it’s in the works?
Work arounds I’ve come up with are not very elegant.

Thanks a lot!! :purple_heart: I was seraching for a way to load an element after delay only once (by first load of the prototype) and that’s what exatcly needed! Copied the first screen and with few changes have it in seconds done!! :100: Thanks!!

Adding my +1 to the choir, this feature seems to be pretty fundamental when dealing with interactive components

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Fix this please.

+1, its been a year soon…

+1 - has anyone figured out a work-around for this? I have a selected state on my components, but only one thing in the prototype can be selected at once. I think I have to override it and do it frame by frame, but that’s a much more complicated prototype.

This bug is a very disappointing :smiling_face_with_tear:

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+1 Frustrating

+1 to this. I’ve tried multiple workarounds and nothing resolves this issue. I finally was forced to detach my interactive components and re-work them into frames and overlays.

Similar issue here. Second time an event happens, it hides/rearranges components in a menu system for no apparent reason, and doesn’t reset

resetting component

Hope fix this bug asap :smiling_face_with_tear:

+1 It’s a shame the simple checkbox “Reset target frame” is not here yet after more than 1.5 years since this long topic has been started.