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Interactive Components + Variants Prototyping: Possible to create interactions between different variant based components?

OK, Let’s say you have 2 components, each with 2 variants as follows

  • Component 1, variant A + variant B
  • Component 2, variant C + variant D

is it possible to create prototype interactions between the components so that clicking component 1A navigates to 2C, opens 2C as a dialog, etc?

This seems to work with standard components but not variant based ones… I can’t get Figma to let me “Drop” the interaction node endpoint anywhere inside a variant container

Was hoping to be able to use this technique to combine between component interactions and between variant interactions (interactive components) to create some more advanced prototypes.

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yeeees, I agree

it would be nice to have interactions on variable components which could influence other variable components.

My example to give more context to this issue:
if you have panel + map it would be nice if:

  • when you select something on panel (for example you click row)
  • it changes variable of ‘map component’ (for example in draws a line)

(I know that you can make all actions in one big component or frame by frame to make quick workaround… but… if you will have 2 separate controls of this map (e.g. second panel) the number of cases you need to map is horrendous… and I have intuition making some possibilities within variants could help)

@Kamila_Owsianka @Spencer_James This is covered in this thread, Add conditions to interactive components, go vote! :slight_smile:

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