Help me find Plugin for : more Figma Styles types (e.g. Corner radius, Stroke Widths, Sizes)


Hey Community,

I just wanna ask, is there any kind of Design System workflow or practices or any existing Figma Plugins, that let’s you add more types of Figma Styles, such as…

  • Corner Radiuses
  • Stroke Widths
  • Type settings
  • X & Y positions
  • Sizes
  • etc…

Figma Styles limitation…

Right now Figma Styles is constrained with the ability to Style these following Layer Styles only, for almost 5+ years now!!!

Use styles to define the color, text and any effects applied to objects; or to define the structure and appearance of layout grids.

Create styles for:

  • Paints and colors : fill, stroke, background color
  • Text : font family, size, line height, spacing
  • Effects : drop shadow, inner shadow, layer blur, background blur
  • Layout grids : row, column, grid

My ideal workflow…

  • Use and save Layer Styles, more than what Figma Styles currently officially support.
  • Save and manage either single Layer Styles types or multiple Layer Styles types, in one Style.
  • You can apply it to basically any type of Layers by one click.
  • All changes are connected.

Does any Figma Plugin exist already that lets you do this?

  • If not yet, for developers reading this : this would be a great Plugin feature idea for you!!
  • Build on the current limitations of Figma Styles, for now!!

Or any type of Design System practice/workflow lets you achieve this?

  • If you know something, teach me and let’s discuss in the comments.

Regarding Design Tokens…

I know some might say, this might be solved by Design Tokens, but my problem with Design Tokens is…

  • I think I have not fully grasp the concept of Design Tokens yet, as a designer.
  • My impression is the practice is only for developer handoff only, not to improve designer productivity inside Figma
  • Existing Design Tokens plugins in Figma Community Plugin Store are currently paid and hard to use/understand.

Thanks for the future help and suggestions