[FIXED] Can't apply text style, error occurred

I have a text style that I’ve been using for months and for some reason in my component library, I can’t apply the text style anymore.
I get an error that says “An error occurred while applying the style to the selection.
Other components on the same page already have the style applied but I can’t apply any new styles on any pages in the file.
I tried:

  • Restarting the app
  • Reopening the file
  • Editing in the browser
  • Applying different text styles
    This file is a published library and the text styles are from a different published library (I manage both of them)

same discussion happening in the post below.
seems like Figma is having issues on the backend.

thanks, I’ll follow that discussion. Good to know this isn’t just me

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looks like figma fixed this. it’s working now.