Figma resets my dropdown list when I present

I have a dropdown component with dropdown options as such

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 12.36.46

However, everytime I present my prototype, these dropdown options disappear and just turn to their defaults.

When I go back to the design my dropdown options list is reset to this state. This is really frustrating

I’m using the MUI for Figma 5.11.1 dropdown components. I’ve tried changing the default layer name of these dropdown elements, to no avail.

Any suggestions are welcome

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Oh, yes, it’s my big pain! Figma should fix it!
This issue comes to all components in the prototype that you can collapse/expand or open/close. This happens when you are customizing the child component, if in the prototype you will close/collapse and after opening it again - it will show you the content of the parent component.
Here is just one way how I’m fixing this now - I’m recreating the component directly in the file with a prototype.

Oh man… You mean to start the component from scratch? That is close to impossible. The component has so many variants and behaviors that I can’t recreate. I don’t wanna unlink from master and lose all that, specially because it’s going to make the development work way harder.

This is very strange behavior, because if the component is created correctly, then no action is required.

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