Text property does not work properly - dropdown menu

Hi, I am trying to make a dropdown component, using “text property” and the problem appears when I use an instance of my component and change the text in the component… It cannot access the text changes I have made UNLESS I have the dropdown open from the beginning ( which is not desirable). Is this a bug or does anyone know how to fix this?

See prototype to see my problem! / Johanna :slight_smile:

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thanks for your reply! The variants differ in structure so I guess I should follow your recommendations in your last comment. I do have default and hover in the list to the right but it doesn’t seem to work anyway? Or have I done something wrong? :slight_smile:
(see pic below)

Hidden instances of the “rader” component must be inside the “Frame 178” variant of the “DROPDOWN” component set.

hmm… I think I have that? or do you mean something else with “hidden instances”, than being able to switch between hover/default in the menu to the right?

And, do you have any recommendations for a youtube clip where someone is solving this problem, or a link to a figma file where I can understand how its built? :slight_smile: thank you so much for your time and help, appreciate it!

You are displaying the properties of another component.

The structure of your variants is different from each other (look at the number of layers in the screenshot), so the overrides are reset. Change this so that both collapsed and expanded dropdowns have all layers.

See example:


Ohhhh NOW I understand!! It worked! thank you soo much @tank666 , you are a STAR! I really appreciate you looking into my problem and even created a file to show me how to solve it!! BIG THANKS! :star_struck:

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