Customizable shortcuts

Another reason we need this, on Windows you can have applications that override/intercept shortcuts, which makes them unusable in Figma, so we need a way to change them in Figma to actually use them.


I’m sure others have requested the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts in the past, but here’s one more reason why it’d be really nice to have it:

As many know, when you hit Cmd + B with one or more frames selected, it bold all of the text in those frames. I’ve occasionally done this without realizing it and continued on working for a while, only to then realize I’ve bolded everything and breaking my applied styles. I then have to either back out all of the work I did since that point, or re-apply all of my styles.

If I could change or disable that shortcut, it’d solve this problem for me!

Or maybe I should just always be working in branches?

Using apps like BetterTouchTool you can set Cmd + B to no action.

It would be very helpful if we could edit our own keyboard shortcuts for any item in the menus, now especially that the toolbar is now on the bottom of the page. Such as allowing us to set shortcuts for actions such as “Create multiple components” or “Set default properties”.

Premiere pro does it best IMO!

That may be good for seeing what shortcuts exist, but I find Adobe InDesign’s UX better for creating shortcuts. For example, you can select an item in a panel menu that does not have a shortcut and assign one to it. And also see what shortcut may exist for the item, as well as what feature may have your shortcut already assigned to it (see below). You can also show the set and search for any aspect of the shortcut — the key it uses, or the function.

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