Add searchbar to variable panel

When you have alot of variables it would be nice to be able to search for specific things


I’m at my vote limit but yes. Should account for both name and value.

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Should have an search option which selecting an instance in component, as while changing an instance of an icon component set variable i have to manually look for that icon name, or atleast it should have an option to sort by name option in variable instance selection

Request to add a search feature to the variables panel. I am using it quite extensively and getting to the right variables is a bit cumbersome at the moment. Since the naming of variables usually is built around a convention then a search feature here would be very effective.

See the top right corner of the screenshot below.


It would ideally have an autocomplete/live search functionality. This might already be in the works, but it wasn’t in the “coming soon” section of the Beta Features page. This isn’t really a feature anyway, but I thought I’d put it on the radar.



It would be very useful to be able to search in Local variables window. We are using Local variables to add translations and it’s very difficult to fix a particular translation when there are hundreds of them. You have to manually scroll through the phrases and look for the one.

I know there was a similar thread here Can you add search to variable manager but it’s closed now


Hi Shawn_Willings,
Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll pass along to our team for consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

Much need option, it is very difficult to find variables when we have a lot of variables and themes.

Me and my team are working on a plugin to resolve this issue, would be great to get your feedback on it?

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Agree 100%, I was just getting ready to request the same exact thing.

In our case, we’re building out a pretty intense theming structure, and it’s quite cumbersome to have to scroll the variables sidebar to find your components and associated variables every time.

Additionally, a shortcut command to collapse the component variable tree in the panel (like opt > l) in the Pages panel.

Thanks for the consideration.


The ability to search for variables within the local variables

Yes please. Ideally it sorts live through the results while you are typing, as if it was a filter or something.

To effectively manage variables we need a way to search and highlight where they are used. It’s very difficult to keep track mentally where they are used while testing different options.

Yes! please add the search! Why is it missing in the first place?

A big yes for that feature. I can’t imagine that Figma won’t offer this feature in its very next releases

Hello, can you add a search bar in Variable, because it is now widely used for naming tokens, so there are many variations. It’s very difficult to search and edit without a search bar.

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Hi @mods, can you make this a share an idea type of post if @The_Vinh agrees? Thanks.

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This feature request already exists on the forum and you can vote for it here: Add searchbar to variable panel.

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haven’t seen that. Thanks

Yes it is very hard and painfull for our little eyes

I wish there was an easy way to sort local variables alphabetically per mode instead of manually moving them around one by one.