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Why is there a constraints limitation when element is kept on "fixed position on scrolling"?

Hi all,

I have been seeing this problem for quite some time so thought I should let you guys know. The constraints “Left and right” “top and bottom” and “scale” on elements don’t show up when “Fix position on scrolling” is on. This always makes me turn off the checkbox and turn the constraint on and then revert back by enabling the checkbox.

Attaching some screenshots for the same:

  1. when checkbox is on, it does not allow using the constraints “L&R” and “Scale”

  1. Turning off the checkbox and selecting the constraint

  1. Turning on the checkbox after selecting

This makes it a little unintuitive and uses several clicks when it could work in just two clicks. Is there any reason it is built this way. can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance.