When creating a comment, pin comment to objects

In a Figjam I noticed the comment state highlights objects as you hover over them, and I wondered if that meant your comment would get stuck to that object.

I imagine this could serve lots of potential purposes, but the first practical one is that when objects get moved around, the comment pointers could stay pointing at the original thing.

Other extended ideas:

  • When the object is deleted, the thread is resolved by default.
  • When the object changes, that could be reflected somehow in the thread, so the discussion evolves.
  • Discussion can now be tied to all kinds of text, styling, etc…go wild on your analytics/insights…but what is useful?!

Mostly for starters I want comment locations to stay relevant in the flow of working.

Hi James,

I think that the object/comment used to be like your describe it: when moving the object the comment would stay on the same canvas-position.

But I just checked right now: windows figma app 112.2: now when I move the object, the comments follow, both Design/Figjam. Was this just fixed maybe?

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