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Thank you for your interest in the Branching beta program.

Branches are controlled environments—like sandboxes— where you can make changes to styles, components, and other aspects of a file or library. As a member of the beta program, you’ll be able to start using branching before it becomes available publicly. This is a great chance to start exploring the possibilities for design systems and other use cases, as long as you understand that beta features can come with some performance issues and bugs.

You can learn more about Branching from our help center. If you have questions about Branching functionality you can check out topics posted in the questions category or create your own post.

If you have feedback or an idea you’d like to share you can use the feedback category. (You can also search and vote on your favorite ideas.)

As with any product beta, you may experience an issue or encounter unexpected behavior. You can report an issue in the bugs category (you can also search for similar reports).

Want to join the beta? Anyone on the Organization plan can request to join the beta. If you’re looking to better manage and enable your team to collaborate at scale, contact our Sales team to learn how you can upgrade your plan.

Sign up for the branching beta →

Note: Joining the beta is a manual process and new requests will be added in groups. There will be a delay between requesting and getting access.


@shanahu :tada: This is so exciting! Will this be available to Professional plan in general release? It’d be super sad if it doesn’t make it. Thanks.

Hi Thipok, thanks for your interest! We want to make sure we’re releasing features to our users that will bring them the most value. From our research and requests, the pains of decentralized design systems and collaborating on shared files at scale were felt mostly by larger, more complex organizations. If you’re on a Professional plan and experiencing similar challenges, we would love to learn more about them.

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Super exciting! I am officially the 10th member to apply for branching beta.


I work in a small organisation. My issue is that everyone being able to see my work in progress leads to assumptions and misunderstandings. I’d prefer that, like a developer, I could “check-in” or “publish” my work once I’m happy with how it’s looking. Seems to me like branching functionality would be something similar.

This is exactly the same issue I have. When working on the master files, dev’s would see any change and immediately implement them without a sign off on the design causing issues. Making new files in Drafts and what not feels like you are trying to hide your work.


Jumping in to echo this, as well as the QA use case that I heard mentioned in the May 10th demo. However, I totally understand not only focusing on Org teams based on your research, for the price point for Org users to make/maintain this feature!

One more thought, branching would make incremental updates to designs so much easier to track and merge along with dev releases. I prefer to design future-state where we build up to a feature, but often our developers only want deliverables for a small chunk of work that’s defined in their Jira Issue!

Does the approval take that long?


I have been waiting for access for two weeks now. can you help me ?

have you been approved to join the beta? I asked yesterday, I wonder how long the approval takes? @Figma_Support @shanahu

The approval to beta for this feature is only for Org accounts as it will not be available in Pro & Free tiers. :frowning_face:

It’s been a few months now for me pal, do not worry :sweat_smile:

Thanks for this post. We signed up the entire team to kick the beta tires.

“start using branching before it becomes available to all Figma users” does this mean we’ll be able to use it on the Pro plan eventually?

Ah, a typo here so I’ve edited the original post. The beta is a testing period before we roll out the feature more. We’d love to learn more about the use cases and workflows your team has in mind though

I think it’s pretty clear what value branching functionality brings even solo designers… disappointing

have you been approved to join the beta ? I asked yesterday, I wonder how long the approval takes ?

Hey Anas, at the moment the branching beta is limited to teams on our Organization tier. I believe we’re adding teams slowly and in small batches.

Will be always exclusive for the Organization tier? or would be available for the professional tier too? I want to try it before upgrading to Organization plan

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