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Show Font Weight in Inspect panel

When inspecting the following component, I can click on the font to see the font weight and style in the inspect panel. When my dev clicks on the same item, he does not have all the CSS information that I have in the inspect panel, specifically he is missing font weight and font style. He does not have the ability to see the different font weights, which is unacceptable. Is there some way to fix this?

Component with my inspect panel:
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 10.12.33 AM

My Inspect panel:

Dev Inspect Panel:

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100% would love this fixed. It’s so strange.

It seems that the developers are frequently seeing incorrect font-weight in the inspect panel.
Not sure what this problem is dependant on as it was present with different fonts, weights and files.


Exactly same problem here.
I noted when I was editing the font files to merge the families.

I just remembered that the developers can view the correct font weight in the CSS Table view in the Inspect tab:

CSS table view Inspect tab, Font style: Medium

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interesting. but it seems like a figma bug that the correct values aren’t visible in the other places, right?

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Really nobody cares about this bug.
This is causing serious issues inside my team.

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This has caused issues for me as well. Lots of confusion due to this bug.

Hello. We have our own Mail Sans font installed. When using the Medium font, in different files, the font-weight in the inspector is different. In some files it is 400, in others it is 500. And the location of the item in the settings is also different. Can you help and suggest how to fix it?

Anyone have any updates on this issue? We are seeing this on my team as well. In the design tab, the font style is clearly set to bold, but in the inspect panel, it says 400 / normal. For some reason, though, if you look at the iOS code in the inspect tab, it’s correct (it is incorrect in CSS and Android).

We are seeing something similar, according to some posts I’ve seen Figma seems to infer the weight from the font name and a mapping table somehow…