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Scale as a property

Scale is one of my most used properties when designing interactions and states. It would be great if we had true ‘scale’ as a property.

No, I’m not talking about the scale tool. That’s fake scale that affects the width/height of elements.

I want the ability to enter something like ‘1.5’ and change the scale of an element, respectively.


So what would you scale with this scale if not width/height? Only stroke thickness?

@Gleb No it will affect everything, just like current the scale tool, but I want it to behave like a true scale property. The current scale tool just adjusts the actual values to match that scale value you drag it to. My idea is actual scale property I can control., but doesn’t affect the layout.

In actual dev, scale doesn’t actually physically change the computed width and height of an element; you’re just changing it visually.

I know it might be a little more tricky, Tech/UX-wise, but I think this way could work. Here is a simple example of what I’m envisioning:
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So it basically works like Scale tool but for inner contents of the frame? Why not use Scale tool then? And why can this be useful in Figma?

No it’s It’s different. Also I can’t control the percentage of the scale. I have to rely on the property width and calculate it myself, which is frustrating. The current scale tool is just a glorified resizing tool

What if you could control the percentage of scale tool? (Actually a plugin called skale already allows you to do that.) Will that solve your problem?

No not really, because it will still change the actual dimensions of the element, which will potentially affect the rest of the layout behavior, especially if it’s in an autolayout (ex: I have a list of items and want an item to change scale on hover or click).

As a workaround you can simply put your list item in a frame and scale it, leaving the frame the same size, like you showed above.

I’m aware, but this is a feature request so I don’t have to rely on countless workarounds that add more unnecessary complexity. Thanks though.

Scale in and scale out animation preset

It would also be nice if we have 2 preset options of scaling in and out from the center added to the presets. It would save me a lot of time animating overlays :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you

I know what @Aalok_Trivedi is saying. It’s the ability to abstract the idea of scale from components/objects so that you can scale them in a non-destructive manner. This means relationships can be built between different components. For example, a header could be an instance of a text component and set at a specific scale. Then an instance of that header could do the same. In theory, it’s possible to do this using the scale tool, but it’s not intuitive to the way that scale is perceived as a characteristic by designers. The question is how would this be achieved through UI that doesn’t add issues or increase unnecessary complexity. I’d like scale as a property not just for frames but for properties as well like border thickness.

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@Gavin Yes, exactly. I honestly don’t think it would complicate things, but I’m sure there would be a few wrinkles to think about. I was envisioning a literal scale input that would scale everything inside the frame (stroke, corners, text, etc…), exactly how it would work in development. Although they are not a design tools, Principle and Origami have this for prototyping and it works well.

As I’ve said before, the current scale tool isn’t really a true scale tool. It just uses a scale to calculate computed dimensions; which you’ve mentioned is destructive and frustrating to control.

Interestingly there is already a concept of a scale property underneath the hood, (see Figma Plugin API) but this only exists on instances I believe.