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(Issue) Keep the scaling of a nested component when swapping it

Hello beautiful people.

Basically I have a component instance which I resized inside another component. When I try to swap the nested component, Figma doesn’t keep the scaling and brings it back to 100% of its size. This happens only with nested components.

Is this a bug? Any idea of how to fix this?


I think this is a limitation, but people have already started posting about it on several slack channels and here too.

Yes! This is why we need scale as an actual property control. the current Scale tool isn’t actually a true scale. Scale as a property

@Gleb this is a perfect use-case for it.

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Yeah, I use a plug-in called “scale”. It’s so basic I wonder why it’s not a native feature.

+1. We want this. IMO feels like a buggy implementation of “scaling”

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