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Problem with pixelation while exporting layer


my name is Ariana, UI/UX designer amateur for now but in future we will se what is going to happen :slight_smile: I have noticed this problem recently.

When I export layers to PNG or JPG actually UI design to share on social networks, quality changes. On my Mac quality of image is good but when I share it for example on Instagram, it gets worse. It is blurry and bad quality.

My question is how to keep good quality of image and share it on social networks?

Thank you for any answers

Hi Ariana,
welcome to the community, we’re glad to have you here!

It is not Figma’s fault, but of the compression that’s happening when you upload to social medias.

When posting on most social medias, there’s a thing that happen when you upload a photo or a video: compression. Because of that, all the photos that are uploaded to the social media’s website will have a little worse quality (and be lighter too).
They do this to reduce the server load, save space, and to support slow connections too.

There is no practical workaround for this, as I know, because the compression is not made on your pc, but on the social media’s servers.

Also, I can give you a tip: when you design for specific social networks, look up for their standard asset sizes. For example, an Instagram standard post should be 1080x1080.

Figma comes in help showing some of the standards for different social networks (you can search them on the internet too):

It may not be the best explanation, but I tried :stuck_out_tongue: .



thank you for explanation. It makes sense but I am still wondering how to make it right that quality is going to be good because many people when they post, their work is good (also doing in Figma) in my case is reverse :confused:

I presume they begin with a square type of frame in 4K for example, then Instagram will resize it to 1080x1080 but still maintaining some quality. Though I am not sure, nor I tested this theory.

Also, when exporting graphics that are directly not photos, export them in PNG format.