Multiple Flows Should Have Different Device Frames

It would be great if we could select different device frames for each flow. This would give huge benefits to those who design responsive websites side by side.


In next updates. Please allow to choose device to see in Prototype for each Flow.


I’d love to see this feature too!

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Yes, this is crucial for those of us who design responsive websites.


YES! Please add this functionality along with all the newer devices in the default menu.


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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This is a must-have feature!


I found an alternate way of showing responsive prototypes. Here is how:

  1. Select custom size from the device list (all the way at the bottom)

  2. Set the max width and height of your screens

  3. Play prototype and select the different flows. In my case mobile, tablet, desktop and watch the screen adjust to each flow screen size.

This might not be the ideal solution but for now it works for me. Hope you find it useful :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a screen capture


Yes please, I come across this issue every few weeks and there’s no satisfying solution really.


A must have feature.

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I have an alternative solution as well.

  1. Add a " Flow starting point " to each of the frame that have different frame sizes (ie. the mobile will have it’s own starting point, the desktop will have its own starting point).
  2. Once done, click outside the frame anywhere on the canvas to unselect any frame.
  3. Then under " Prototype " change " Device" to " Presentation (Fill) "
  4. Now preview your designs. The preview size will follow the frame size.

The alternatives arent good enough because we literally need different prototype devices for different flows especially when it is screen size specific so that scrolling would work properly.

I’m actually very surprised that this feature isnt supported.


Yes please!

Yes please.

A prototype example which would benefit from this:

Web-based Dashboard then jumps to a Mobile Device which shows changes that were set on the Web Dashboard.

Thank you Figma.

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Why is this still not possible? The workaround are not satisfying for frames higher than the actual device…


Is this something that is in Figma’s product roadmap? Seems like a lot of us would really like this feature. Life saver :pray:t4:

Yes please! :crossed_fingers:

This is needed so badly. Maintaining files and prototypes to share with clients without this just results in so many pages…

Exactly the that’s problem, it make you feel like you’ve not achieved what you actually wanted.

This is a must have! :pray: