Multiple flows improvements

Use case: I want to share 1 prototype link with my whole team, hide Figma UI but still have possibility to review ALL flows in my WHOLE document. Also I want to quickly jump to starting frame in editor for each flow.


  1. Add shortcut to toggle the sidebar (when Figma UI is hidden I can`t open the sidebar)
  2. Show all flows in document. Support page hierarchy. Support naming convention of pages to show it in tree structure.
  3. Add button for each flow to open the starting frame in Editor.

+1,000 votes for this.

I created this work around, have a look @Alex_Prime:

  • We are using a key press interaction for each section (A, F, S)
  • We are using a key press interaction to allow for vertical navigation of flows
  • We are also putting sub page links in the Flow description** but this is not working**


  • clicking on a Flow description link (see below) opens the link in a new tab instead of the same window.
    ^ those links are copied from the prototype view share panel

  • clicking on a Flow description link causes key press interactions to stop working, but not all the time.

DEMO FILE LINK (not sure if this will work?)

Here is a .fig file .zip incase sharing the Figma file doesn’t work:

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I would like to have the possibility to see flows from different pages in this new sidebar menu.

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This is one of the many strengths of Axure.