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Is there any way to change the "z-index" of an auto-layout child?

I’m using auto-layout for this modal, just like I do for pretty much everything else, and I’m creating a modal, with a text field, and a dropdown.
The dropdown should float above the buttons, and I’d prefer to do this with auto-layout. (I know I could use an overlay, it would be nice to control the z-index somehow though)


There is unfortunately no way to do so as of today. You would have to remove auto-layout entirely or maybe use variants of a component without autol-layout?

Check this other post too:

I’ve also just come across this same issue. Would be nice to be able to override the z behaviour.

Same problem. Can’t build prototypes without adjustable z-index

Still no override for this? If I do not use auto-layout I cannot have component elements “Fill container”. So I cannot have possibility to scale manually component instances. But, if I use auto-layout my helper tooltip stays on the lower z-index. Is there maybe a way to reverse the ordering in the auto-layout or force the z-index like in html (like “z-index: 10001 !important;”)?

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I’ve submitted a feature request recently.

Can we keep upvoting and resubmitting until @Figma_Support accepts the importance of this and replies “We have added this to our roadmap”?


Agreed, this is an essential feature that Auto Layout should support. Any word from @Figma_support?

Also encountering this issue. We want to componentize dropdown as an input state, but the order of layers is getting in our way. Seems like such a huge limitation!!