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Feature request: Z-index property that is independent from autolayout

Currently there is a huge limitation in prototyping possibilities because any dropdown menus appear underneath the following element in the autolayout flow.

I can’t remove autolayout because it would break designs across all useage of design system components and we can’t properly demo prototypes. Anchored by the lack of a customizable z-index property.


I made a similar proposal some time ago. Unfortunately not too many people seem to understand the value of Z-index of Z-stack :unamused:

@figma_support Could any of you please reply on this?

@Figma Reply please?

Hey @Slava_Bronevitskiy thanks for sharing this feedback. It’s definitely something the team is aware of and thinking through.

Absolutely necessary feature:

Set z-index for item in auto layout.

So you can send item to backward or forward only visually.

We wana Z-indexing while Flexing and Flexing while Z-indexing!