Inverted Boolean Property

Third suggestion for this feature, since it keeps getting closed.

At the moment you can show and hide a layer based on a true and false property value respectively, but you cannot do the inverse (show a layer if a boolean property value is false).

A common class of use cases for this is when you want to have something in your design be replaced if it is hidden (i.e. layer A is hidden by means of the boolean property, while layer B is shown instead).

Previous suggestions:


not that this is an awesome idea, but you can always hack this by using auto layout embedded in a frame with “clip content”. hiding the visible item would cause the hidden item to collapse into the frame and become “visible.”

This covers only one of many use cases.

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Until this is implemented, as a workaround, you can achieve the desired result with the boolean exclude operation.

I wrote about it here:

Check out the live demo:

Not a bad idea, but this makes it quite difficult for developers to grep what is going on with the designs, especially if the item to exclude is a complicated layer.


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