Hide component properties

Would love the option to hide component props from consumers. For instance:

Component A

  • Nested component B
  • Nested component C

Component A is made up of two nested components, B and C. Components B and C have properties that are adjusted to provide variants of Component A. They’re really just for my use.

But if a designer “clicks in” to Component B, for instance, they can see its props, in the right sidebar (which I’ve used primarily to make those Component A variants). I don’t want them to touch the props for that nested Component B. I’d like to hide them.

I heard rumors that this might be an upcoming feature. Is this true? :thinking:


Would also be highly interested in this. Would make things much easier for the consumers of our enterprise Design System.

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I’m very interested by this feature !! For instances hide hover state of a button.

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Hi all,
Thank you for your feedback! I switched this topic to a “Feature request”, so you can vote and we can accurately gauge interest from the community!


This is very useful when using nested instances and I would love to have this feature as well.

Bumping! This would really elevate design systems

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Yess please. Im working with Interactive components and this feature would be very useful for my design system. I have different size variants of a spinning loader with their own prop Small, Medium, Large. Ive added the loop animation steps for each variant however they require a prop else I get the conflicting error thing. I dont want to give it a prop so hiding component props would fix this.


I am having this exact issue currently. Would love to know a workaround.

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Please help with this functionality, I remember that when I was working with Sketch they have it and it helped the designers a lot and to maintain consistency in the DS and in the designs and that was about 3 years ago aprox.