Frame selection dropdown in the Interaction details modal is too narrow

When I’m in the Prototype dialog (see attached screenshot) and want to select a Frame to navigate to, the menu that pops up truncates the names of top-level frames. It would make my life simpler if this menu auto-sized its width so I could see the entire name of all top-level frames on the page as I use a naming system that is quite lengthy, but useful to me.

Same issue here. Long frame names get truncated here but there’s no tooltip to expose the full name. When creating multiple frames with slight variations, the name usually varies at the end. It turns into a guessing game which overlay or dropdown I need to link to. Please show a tooltip on hover so the long name is shown in full!

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    When trying to choose a specific frame to assign to an interaction, the drop down list is so narrow that most my frames names are truncated, thus I can’t see the identifying portion of my frame name to select the proper one easily.
    Solution is to just make the dropdown when open as wide as the longest name, or add a hover tooltip on the truncated names.

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On the prototype tab, where one can use On Click → Navigate to → Artboard name

That grey dropdown panel is too small and dinky. It needs to be wider to show the FULL NAME of the intended artboard. How can the designer see where to designate the interaction when they can’t even read the full list of artboard names?

The menu needs to be expanded in width so that it has better usability. It is too simple and small they way it is now. There are looong and unique artboard names out there. Widening the side menu would help us out a ton so we can fully read the length of each artboard name.

Hello community,

Im dealing with pretty much exhausting issue in Figma opt. It is strictly connected with Figma UI. If someone possibly knowing the solution please refer to it. I appreciate a lot any kind of feedback.

Refering to issue, please take a look at att. image