Fix position when scrolling glitching on prototype


I have a glitch happening on different components while “fix position when scrolling” is on.

Let’s say that I have a nav bar that’s fixed. When I keep the prototype page in its default position (right at the top) and I interact with it, it works fine, but if I try to interact with it after scrolling it glitches and goes back to its original place on the page for a second and then comes back to its fixed position. It is happening as well with other fixed position components that are fixed to the right or left, which is extremely annoying :frowning:

Screen Recording 2022-09-05 at 13.19.09 (1)

From what I have tested, this only happens with smart animate on.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you for the reply, but that didn’t work, unfortunately.

Could you share a link to an example file?



I did the same as in my answer above and it completely solves your problem. That is, wrap your instance in a frame.

OH now I got what you meant and it worked, thank you!
It doesn’t make much sense that it has to be wrapped in another frame to work (because it already is a frame), specially since setting the animation to instant or dissolve doesn’t trigger this glitch :thinking:

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