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Does Figma compress uploaded images?

Let’s say I upload a 3200x1800 uncompressed PNG to Figma.

  1. I stage it inside of a 1600x800 frame (half size) set to fill or fit.
  2. I set the export to 2X PNG. I export.

Do I get back my 3200x1800 uncompressed PNG? Does any loss or compression occur? Can a developer give me the hard facts?

I’d like to know whether I can truly rely on Figma as an image repository for myself (uploading work and occasionally re-exporting it at the native size, or smaller sizes) without losing quality.

Figma doesn’t compress images smaller than 4096 px by the larger side. When you export the image from Figma, it won’t be the same image as it will be rasterized again, so the data might be slightly different while the look should be the same. You can also download the original in the Inspect panel, no need to export:

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