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Exporting original GIFs

After adding a GIF into Figma (which is an awesome feature btw! :heart:), I’d like the developers to be able to export it (the original, unmodified file that I’ve been tweaking a lot in Photoshop :sweat_smile:) so they can use it in their coding.

There is a “GIF” plugin, which re-creates the gif with a lengthy process, resulting in too-large file :confused:

Thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

Developers can download any original image from Figma in the Inspect tab, in the table view. Simply click the file name link to download the original.

Regarding the GIF plugin, it’s great too if you want to modify a GIF in Figma. However it exports everything in 2x size, therefore if you want smaller size, you need to shrink the frame with the GIF image.

P.S. I’m gonna move this topic to #product-questions as the solution exists already. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Gleb for your reply! Happy to see that there is a way :slight_smile: