Customizable shortcuts

This is a huge problem for me because I have nerve damage in my hands from keyboard use which means I often miss the key I was trying to hit, or hit the wrong shortcut by mistake.

This becomes a big problem when there are shortcuts that move the viewport to a different location from where I was working without a way to get back. If I could un-bind these “non-undoable” viewport movement hotkeys I wouldn’t have to worry about Figma suddenly teleporting my view to a different file or page or area in my viewport.

I encounter this issue multiple times a day.


@Figma @anon21722796 @support Any news on this topic? I’ve been having issues with this for the past year and I can either ask windows to read my keyboard as american and write without acentuations my language has or copy properties and run the last plugin by clicking the right button and selecting the option. Like a savage.


That sounds really bad, I wish they would provide more accessibility features since they’re really lacking in that area.

Also just this week: Figma Releases: ⬌ FigJam usability updates

Jam now uses the same broken shortcuts? Come on…

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Still hoping for an official comment here @anon21722796 how do we fix this? What’s your plan?

This friction I have to endure EVERY SINGLE DAY is driving me mad, and I don’t have the impression that you guys take the issue seriously.

What are you doing to fix this core issue plaguing the product for a very hefty chunk of your user base?

I am seriously tired of being left in the dark by @anon21722796 Just tell us what you’re doing to address this or that you’re not going to fix it, just say something.


Custom shortcuts would be great. But my hopes are low, two years ago the support told me, that they will look into it :thinking:

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@anon21722796 I’m also working on windows with a german keyboard layout. What is the current approach to have a decent workflow by using keyboard shortcuts?


This is indeed an important feature that should be delivered ASAP.



This absolutely NEEDS to be a thing. I work both on mac and windows. I have Finnish keyboard and most of your default shortcuts don’t work on this. With Mac I have everything customized through mac’s own application shortcuts feature. That’s not possible in Windows.

Even the most basic stuff is different in Mac and Windows (like zooming with alt) and I would like to change everything to be same hand position in both.

This slows my work down like 40% and I’m thinking about giving Figma up just because of this. I love the tool in every possible way otherwise! Love it!

Good job on the software but please, please add this. Big portion, nay, HUGE portion of your users are not on default set keyboard!


Does not work with all shortcuts.
I set Command + Shift + Ä for «Bring to front». Did not work
Command + Shift + Ö for «Send to back» worked.
Command + ; for «Show layout grid» on the other hand didn’t work either.

Does anybody know a trick to invoke the Cursor chat feature? It says the keyboard shortcut is “/“, but we all know that isn’t right on non-US keyboards. It’s not a menu item either, so I can’t try to create my own shortcut in System Preferences. I can right click to invoke it, but it’s still very cumbersome.

I agree with everyone above, this needs to be a thing. It’s a pain in the b*t to do this for international keyboards. @anon21722796

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It’s a bummer they don’t support it, but use BetterTouchTool (OS X) or PowerToys (Windows) to customize anything your heart desires and then some! You can do very powerful shortcuts with them. I essentially remapped Figma to replicate Sketch on both operating systems.

@PixelSushiRobot dialed it with recommending BTT on OS X. The key sequences are amazing with having variations of Lorem Ipsum, Dates, Time, Random Names, etc. It’s such a killer tool, I recommend their BetterSnapTool as well.

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Why hotkeys in Figma so fiddly??? For example, if my left-hand fingers at position: Ctrl, Shift, S, F, Space, how I can use action Alt + H? I must move all my hand for this easiest action. Or, what about strange Ctrl + Shift + L? I cant use this with one hand, my finger can reach J button only! Are you kidded me?!?!?!

  • Yes. I’m understand that this is duplicate, but Figma shortcuts extremely useless any way.

Does it mean you want all shortcuts to be reachable with left hand only without moving it? There probably won’t be enough keys for that.

Look at Adobe Xd hotkeys, it’s pretty good. For first example Shift+C, for second Ctrl+L (I can use right Ctrl at both program, but two-buttons Ctrl+L much clear than Ctrl+Shift+L).

And, yes, I see no reason to use two hands for the most popular combinations. I will lose too much time and concentration by moving my right hand a huge distance.

But, I’m don’t talking about specific combination. I’m talking about user preference, where I can change default keys.

I don’t have a problem with shortcuts, but in french, there are certain very important characters which simply cannot be typed in Figma because some shortcuts is linked to it, even inside of text boxes.

That can be realy helpfull for working whit plugins and other things.

This is a bad response. You can do better.

If we could remap the hotkeys it would be entirely possible to map all the shortcuts you’d use frequently to a left hand position, entirely negating the implied condescension in your post.

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  1. I don’t work for Figma
  2. The initial post didn’t ask for customizable shortcuts, but after further conversation it turned out to be the only solution (just what you are proposing) so the conversation was moved here
  1. What does you working for Figma have to do with it being a bad response?
  2. Sure seems like he’s suggesting that customizable shortcuts would be a useful addition.