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Customizable shortcuts

The main source of inspiration for this idea was to match the keyboard shortcuts themselves to different keyboard layouts. Right now, users who don’t use US keyboards have to memorize the location of the keys, rather than to use the actual character location to be able to use the shortcuts. Those involving this region are primarily the case:

ABNT2 layout (Brazil).

And here’s an example of confusing shortcuts:


Although this problem could be solved by just rebinding the shortcuts to the actual character and not the location on the keyboard, I’ve noticed there are some other issues concerning key bindings.

On this forum post, a member of the community asked for help on backing one layer level with a different shortcut from what Figma has right now. This makes the user adapt their workflow to the tool, and not the other way around — and that hinders efficiency. It would be nice if the tool itself provided some sort of customization on this regard.

Although being a workaround, Mac users can customize keyboard shortcuts by application, but it is a bit limited. It’s also not a possibility for Windows users.

I think this could be a game-changer, as i’ve seen people who refused to migrate from other tools to Figma because they couldn’t customize shortcuts. It would also give the user more control over the tool and their workflow.

What do you guys think about it?


I feel like this is a big pain point for many international users like myself (Portuguese).

The mapping keys on your own keyboard is still a good in-between for sure. :slightly_smiling_face: I found some that work on my keyboard and some that are global but don’t show up in the Figma documentation (like CMD/CTRL + P that works for search).


Can we have an ability to customize our own keyboard shortcuts in Figma please ?

Like Affinity Designer: :point_down:

Like Adobe illustrator :point_down:

But we can even do it better in Figma.
Thank you :relaxed:


They are customizable to some extent if you’re using Mac.
If you’re on Windows you’ll have to use third-party apps.

I am using Windows, it would be even better if we can customize it natively on the browser as well.

But thank you so much @Alex :smiley:

They are customisable on Mac but not all shortcuts work. E.g. you can’t CMD + 1 for “Zoom to Fit”. Instead it switches to the first Figma tab. You can’t override it.

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My #1 gripe with Figma is that shortcuts are not customizable.

Figma is a pro-tool meaning it’s used professionally and there is a focus on improving workflow. Shortcut customization is an essential tool for someone who tries to improve their experience. And most pro-tools allow this, even if it’s just via the Mac keyboard settings accessing menu items.

But even beyond that, you have to consider, that the shortcuts are optimized for QUERTY.
Since I’m on a German Layout I can’t even use many of the shortcuts.
cmd+[, cmd+ ] or cmd+/ for example are not available because these brackets are only accessible via modifier keys.

Vote if you agree about the importance of customizable shortcuts :slight_smile:


@Josh @admins Is there an update on when we’ll be able to customize keyboard shortcuts?

@Chris3 we’re not able to share any specifics related to our roadmap/timelines. With that being said, I know this is something the team has been exploring. :slight_smile:


These cheat-sheets are still helpful for people with non-US keyboards:

Here’s my 2 cents (over and over again) regarding WIN key mappings:

The keys are NOT just tied to a location on the keyboard, but specific hardware keycodes. Once you figure it out (it’s a little tedious, but possible) the least Figma could do is to show the non-US shortcuts in the onscreen UI Helper. Simply copy the cheat-sheets I built almost 2 years ago.

Non-US users will at least have some sort of guidance through shortcut jungle mess. I call this a low-hanging fruit for Figmas product team but they don’t seem to care :woozy_face:

Customizing shortcuts is a great feature but mostly for hardcore users. I would like more people to start using Figma and not being overwhelmed or confused by completely wrong shortcuts. So instead of telling them “you can customize everything” give them proper guidance.

Rant: Not caring about different keyboard layouts is a clear oversight on accessibility and global market. We’re not talking <1%. This affects every non-US customers daily Figma workflow and I do not understand how no-one in the team is embarrassed by this long known (and partially solved) issue.