Component Properties & Variants Bug

It Worked, thank you! (but only when union of layers and all layers inside have same name inside the icon)

Thank you, doctor! I spent many hours trying to solve this problem and almost went crazy. you have cured me

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@Figma_Support any update on this bug?


Still having this issue. It’s not a layer naming error on my part.

The problem is back! All my previously functioning nested components with icons are buggy again. The color of icon resets when changing variant. Figma, what are you doing…


Update: The way I fixed this was by going through every component in my library that has an icon placeholder and changing the color back and forth to reset whatever was making it stuck on the original icon color. Then republishing the library. I really don’t want to do that as often as this bug shows up though.


I can confirm that currently bugs and misbehavior regarding icon/component color changes occur, even with interactive components that 100% worked before.
I’ve noticed that a few days ago…


Thanks! it works. Just continue to use cheats in a $2 billion product

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