Change variable mode in Dev Mode


It would be great to change variable mode in “Dev Mode” as I can change it in “Design Mode” under “Layer” option.

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I agree. So we our designs we don’t need to add Light and Dark mode screens/components for devs. They just switch modes.
I saw it during the keynote presentation. Should we expect it in the product soon, @Figma_Support ?

Definitely a needed addition.

Any solution yet?

I also requested this here: Allow developers to switch Page-level variables (e.g. Light/Dark mode)

So please add the votes together for this. Total of 17 at time of writing this comment.

There are many other related requests that would help developers work with colour tokens, even if they can’t switch them in dev mode, e.g.

This is probably the simplest to achieve, and would be a gigantic help. I encourage all to vote for it:

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