Allow developers to switch Page-level variables (e.g. Light/Dark mode)

We have a design system set up with tokens (variables) to enable all components to switch between light and dark mode.

For developers/viewers to see what a screen should look like in Dark mode, we have to duplicate that screen. But as an editor I can set the colour mode variable at the Page level to Dark and all screens on the canvas/page turn to dark mode.

If developers/viewers could also do this, I could delete the dark mode duplicates of every screen and only have one copy of each screen, defaulted to light mode, and then just toggle dark mode as needed.

This would be much more efficient on memory usage and maintenance.


It would be great if it could change the language too!


Yes, allowing Devs and viewers to switch the modes would be a killer feature, avoid a lot of duplicated screens.


Agreed. Currently inundated by developers to see both modes in the designs. Counter-productive having to physically display both ex. Dark and Light UI, when all they would need is the ability to switch and get the respective values.


We need this ASAP common Figma


Implementing this feature is extremely necessary to avoid duplicating screens. It’s not just a matter of convenience; it’s about efficiency and maintaining the integrity of our project’s design. This addition could save us significant time and resources.


I need this so badly right now. Can’t believe it’s not possible right now. :frowning:


It would really be a great benefit for our everyday developer life!

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We definitely need this

Thank you all for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the team for future consideration.

Also very important to us. The alternatives we came up with for now:

a) grant edit permission to developers — more expensive and risky (unwanted changes)
b) duplicate every frame to show light and dark simultaneously — risky and file size issues

Any suggestion?