Node editor view for variable aliases

I’m noticing to make much of anything with variables, I’m creating a lot of collections that use mostly aliases. After selecting the alias source I mostly have to keep these connections in my head.

It would be nice to open up all these connections in a node editor view to either make updates or check for mistakes.

Same. Currently having to manually build my own mappings so our developers can follow the connections:

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I might have to do the same—even just so I can understand what I’ve done, when coming back to it later.

Nodes are all the rage these days and it’s not like we don’t have a precedent with the Prototype interface. I’m a little surprised that such a visualizer wasn’t even hinted at since the variables announcement.

hoping this becomes a thing soon. Just had a similar thought and wanted to share the feature to come to find it already suggested. I’ve used the mindmap feature in FigJam to create a quick mapping of things - but that didn’t quite do the job. Even some sort of plugin could work for this, but it would be great if there were just multiple different kinds of views to view and edit variables, would be amazing